Thanks for visiting.

Although writing surely has its self-interested motivations, this site is intended as a place to connect with folks of like or different mind to discuss ideas. I invite all forms of discussion as long as they contain respectful discourse. You are free — and even encouraged — to disagree with me. The only ask? That your points are made and articulated fully.

That’s the only way we all get to learn and evolve.

Here’s what you can ask of me on this platform. You can demand that I write authentically. I promise not to hide behind excuses or rationales. I will write just as honestly about my darker moments and failures, as I will about my brighter days and realizations. As my dad has often told me, “Go where things are uncomfortable. That’s where the value is.” I will uphold my end of the bargain by bringing you my experiences. Raw, unvarnished, and recounted with frankness.

Although some folks approach blogging in a segmented manner — sticking to one vertical or topic — I embrace a more holistic slant. I will be writing about some of my alleged domains of interest/expertise: SaaS, Tennis, Sales, Broadcasting, Media, Startups…but I will just as likely venture out and delve into topics that haven’t been ascribed to my wheelhouse: Relationships, Politics, Therapy, Writing.

Ideally, this becomes a place where people can have intelligent, informed conversations around topics that need to be examined and explored.

Join me at any and all parts of this journey.

Thanks again for reading and contributing.

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