Even the best products don’t just sell themselves, despite what some might believe. It’s critical to not only find a path to revenue but also achieve repeatability in sales if you want to grow your startup. That’s why we’re here. We’ll coach you up to build a sales machine.

About Me

Growing up in Palo Alto, I felt like I bathed in Silicon Valley folklore. After scratching and clawing my way onto the founding team of my first startup at age 24, I knew I had arrived. The pace was brisk, the flow of ideas abundant, and the learning curve steep.

I’ve been a founder twice, and have lived in the early-stage startup ecosystem throughout most of my career.

After running sales at Whitetruffle, I wanted to leverage my expertise to help several startups all at once. It’s now a privilege to wake up every day and play my own small part in helping founders and startup operators put their dents in the universe.


I consider myself a full-stack sales coach. Meaning I can help you with anything from designing a sales process from scratch to building out your sales team. 

At the end of the day, I sell calendar months. Founders and startup operators are some of the brightest, most creative, most resourceful people on the planet. I believe in their ability to problem solve. But if I can help them solve an issue –  they’d normally solve in 6 months – in just 1 month, that’s a ton of value for startups.

My coaching approach is fully tailored to the individual startup. No cookie-cutter programs. Each early-stage company has its unique DNA and set of challenges. That’s why I take the time to learn about your business and set priorities for our work together in an evaluation period before we even dive into coaching. 

After that, we focus on the things that move the needle the most for your business. l work with founders, sales leaders, or individual reps as needed.



Jessica has both operational and administrative responsibilities that include client onboarding, client service, project management, strategic support, scheduling, communication, invoicing, and payroll.  When she’s not working, she stays busy trying to keep up with her 5 & 7 year old kiddos.


Rob is an outbound email and copywriting expert. When he’s not devising new schemes to evade SPAM filters, he enjoys playing music and watching the New York Jets.


Kelly thrives working in a fast-paced environment, enabling Paul and Jessica to focus on their core responsibilities.  She handles the intricate details that make the organization run smoothly. When she isn’t busy assisting them, she enjoys spending time with her kids and grandbabies!



“Closing Time” Appearance

“Closing Time” Appearance

  Have you ever wondered… How to decide when a particular outbound sales strategy is working? Or if you should cut and run? How to avoid the biggest mistakes founders have made in their sales strategies? Why do I think Corey Myers is the best salesperson I've...

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The Greatest Cold Call I Ever Received

The Greatest Cold Call I Ever Received

  "Of course, we can schedule a call. But you need to send me your script because this cold call was too good." I told Dan McClain. Dan laughed, "You got it, I'll send it right after we hang up here." He kept right on closing me, "What time works next week for...

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The Time I Rang Steve Jobs’ Doorbell

The Time I Rang Steve Jobs’ Doorbell

  "If this is about God or religion, I'm not interested." Steve Jobs had spotted us through his gate in our suits and thought we were bible salesmen. I was knocking on doors, because, back in 2004, I'd been recruited by Bruno, a family friend based in Paris, to...

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