“Paul was an ideal sales coach for us. I was looking to get an early version of my product in customers’ hands for early adoption and revenue. We would meet weekly and Paul had a large impact on our sales process. I’d recommend him for any early stage company that is looking for sales experience. You might have the manpower in-house, but getting him to guide you along will save you a ton of time and money.”

Ryan Glasgow, Founder & CEO at UserLeap

“Paul did an excellent job handling our top of funnel activities and generated a lot of demand from customers with his outbound initiative for our Saasler product. I was impressed by his mix of quantitative insights and self awareness. Paul clearly knows how to build a sales process. He is adept at finding creative ways to get you in front of customers.

If you’re a company looking to scale your sales, give him a call.”

Robert Kazmi, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Koombea

“It took a significant amount of time to really nail outbound. And yet, Paul led us through the entire process with diligence, rigor, and creativity. The outbound initiative he built from scratch ended up generating a ton of opportunities. It really changed the way we prospected and got in front of customers.

Paul even coached me up in sales. As a technical founder, I benefited a ton from his ability to not only construct scalable processes, but also to teach me the hand-to-hand combat of sales.”

Jonathan Tarud, CEO & Founder at Koombea

“Paul is a game changer for any sales organization.

We were going through YC when he joined us to help on the sales side at RankScience. We had just gotten some TechCrunch coverage and were getting slammed with large amount of inbound leads. We had no real way to deal with them. Paul came in, pulled up his sleeves, and started processing leads, one-by-one. With each sales interaction, he iterated and built out our sales process.

Very quickly, we had a robust inbound process — the same one we use today.

Paul then moved into a closing role, and was able to close a large amount of revenue (5 digits in MRR) for us. He became our leading salesperson, all the while only working part-time with us.

He remains a trusted advisor to the company today. Our revenue number and sales process wouldn’t be the same without him.”

Ryan Bednar, Founder & CEO of RankScience

“Let me first start by saying this: Paul isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. With a lot of consultants, you get the sense they are here for the paycheck.

Paul is just the opposite. He comes in and is first concerned about making a material impact and creating value through his work.

That’s exactly what he did with us at RankScience. He built out our inbound sales process from the ground up. Paul jumped on the phone with every inbound lead that was coming in. Based on each sales conversation, he designed and refined the process that enabled us to reach and surpass the $1MM ARR plateau.

His previous experience running sales at Whitetruffle was super relevant to us, as he had already packaged, launched and sold a tech plus services offering. He’s one of the best sales minds I’ve encountered.”

Dillon Forrest, Co-founder of RankScience

“Paul was instrumental in getting us going on sales. When we brought him in to help, we didn’t have a process in place, nor did we know how to reliably get in front of customers (beyond our network). He changed all that by coming up with a sales model from scratch and iterating on it quickly. We benefited from his existing domain expertise and relationships in recruiting tech (he had run sales at Whitetruffle, a company in the same space). Paul also set-up our sales stack, which we still use today. Lastly, he got our outbound initiative built out which got us in front of a lot of customers in a scalable way.

All of this in very short period of time. On top of that, Paul made key investor introductions.

I highly recommend him to any early stage start-up looking to boost their sales.”

Refael Zikavashvili, Co-founder & CEO at Pramp