"Closing Time" Appearance


Have you ever wondered…

  • How to decide when a particular outbound sales strategy is working? Or if you should cut and run?
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes founders have made in their sales strategies?
  • Why do I think Corey Myers is the best salesperson I’ve ever met?

I answered all these questions (and many more) in my recent conversation with Jonny Price, on his podcast “Closing Time.” Read on for a longer summary of what we discussed.


Foundation to Sales Success


We first discussed my experience leading sales at Whitetruffle, where we transformed the sales floor into a veritable laboratory of experimentation. The freedom to try new things, and to experience both success and failure, clarified one simple truth for me: Trust and creativity are critical to success. It’s a foundational lesson I’ve carried in my coaching.


The Power of Silence


One of the most important tools in sales is our ability to listen. Exceptional salespeople are not those who speak more, but those who listen better.

Great salespeople create a space where clients feel understood and valued, shaping solutions that fit like a glove. This capacity to truly hear and empathize with others has been crucial in my approach to coaching and sales leadership.


Emotional Fortitude


Sales is never a calm sea. It’s filled with challenges and setbacks that test your mettle. Through the years, I’ve grasped the importance of emotional resilience – the ability to rise after a fall with even more determination. I’ve seen firsthand how self-care, balance and a positive outlook can invigorate your ability to persevere, making resilience not just a trait but a strategy.


Guide – Not Sell


It’s important to guide clients through their decision-making process with care and expertise. Sales should never be about pushing a product but about accompanying your client, ensuring they feel supported and confident in their choices. It’s about leadership, yes, but also about compassion and partnership.


Celebrating Your Victories


We also discussed my personal evolution around how to view success. Early in my career, I feared celebrating wins might dampen my drive. Over time, however, I’ve learned that acknowledging achievements fuels further ambition and resilience. It’s a refreshing perspective that I’ve incorporated into my coaching, encouraging sales professionals to savor their milestones.


Looking Ahead


I’m convinced that the essence of sales will always remain deeply human. Technology and strategies will evolve, but the core will always be about genuine connections, solving real problems, and understanding people’s needs. My mission is to ensure that every person I coach can navigate these truths, blending tried-and-true principles with modern innovations.


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